How To Promote Your Art on Pinterest | Rich Pins, Tailwind, Group Boards & More


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The most difficult part about selling art online is that there are so many strategies out there, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I’ve found that learning how to promote my art on Pinterest specifically is one of those strategies that shouldn’t be ignored.

The reason I’m so excited about Pinterest is because I know it’s a gold mine – over the past few years, nearly all of my art sales have been the result of viral Pinterest pins. I’ve found that sticking to the following rules and using Tailwind have improved my Pinterest views, engagement, and sales with my artwork on Etsy and my artist website.

Set Up a Business Account

Setting up a Pinterest for Business account is going to be key to tracking your analytics.

Here are some pros of having a Business account:

  • If you already have a Pinterest account, you can convert it to a business account.

  • When you confirm your art website with Pinterest, it allows you to see what people pin from your website, and adds your logo to any pins made from your site.

Rich Pins

Once you have your Pinterest for Business account, you can start posting “Rich Pins“. Rich Pins are pins that contain important information, such as price, where to buy, and more. To learn more about how to set up Rich Pins for your business, click here.

Group Boards

Group boards have been integral to my success on Pinterest! When you post to a group board, your pin will be seen by a much wider audience, and possibly re-pinned more readily by others.

To find group boards, you can search Pinterest boards for a topic you’re interested in, with the word “group” as part of the search. To join, most group boards will have instructions for you to follow.  You can also create your own group boards by inviting others to pin to a group you create.

Here are a few helpful art group boards that I’m a part of:


Contemporary Art

Framed Art & Framed Prints

Art & Decor



Tailwind is a magical app that lets you schedule your pins on a virtual calendar, and these pins are posted automatically and on schedule. So, why is Tailwind so great?

  • Tailwind is easy to use, as you can download a button to your browser and easily schedule pins directly from your blog posts, website, shop, and Pinterest itself.

  • You can create lists of boards for certain types of pins. For instance, I have a list called “Artwork” that contains 14 boards, and one called “Artwork and Etsy” which contains 28 boards, for those pins that fall in both categories. If I choose one of those lists and schedule my pins, that’s 28 pins scheduled to be pinned over about a week or two of time! This helps you schedule way in advance and not seem spammy.

  • Joining Tribes means that you’ll be part of Tailwind communities of people who will potentially re-pin your pins, and you theirs. Here is an overview of the stats from one of the tribes I’m in for creatives:

    • You can also create Tribes. I ended up creating one for Small Business Artists!

    • Tailwind now has a new feature for scheduling on Instagram and Instagram Stories! I haven’t tried this one yet, but looking forward to it.

  • Tailwind also has a hashtag finder!


When I first started with Tailwind, my average monthly viewers were hovering around 42,000 – my profile had been around for awhile, and it hadn’t gone up or down for months.

Within one week of using rich pins and scheduling my pins in Tailwind, and using Tailwind Tribes, my Pinterest average monthly viewers increased by 16,000, and by the end of August it skyrocketed another 22,000, with a total of 38,000 average monthly viewer increase! My average daily viewers and people engaged with my pins increased dramatically and I made some sales on Etsy. By the end of 2018 I had gained an extra 100,000 average monthly viewers and a daily increase of around 5,000 viewers and impressions. My stats also spiked as I became more involved in Tailwind tribes after taking a couple months hiatus due to morning sickness. 


Beginning of August, 2018

End of August, 2018

End of 2018


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