Top Tips for Promoting Your Art with Tailwind’s New Instagram Hashtag Feature!

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Back in August I wrote a post on How to Promote Your Art on Pinterest, where I covered my favorite aspects of Tailwind and how it’s helped me increase my art business and blog traffic. Within one week of using rich pins and scheduling my pins in Tailwind, and using Tailwind Tribes, my Pinterest average monthly viewers increased by 16,000, and by the end of August, 2018 it skyrocketed another 22,000, with a total of 38,000 average monthly viewer increase! My average daily viewers and people engaged with my pins increased dramatically and I made some sales on Etsy. Today, in May of 2019, my monthly viewers are sitting pretty at over 80,000!! That’s HUGE!

Since then, Tailwind has launched some new Instagram related features that have been highly requested. They now both support video auto posting for business accounts and they have a brand new Instagram hashtag feature! This tool essentially lets you add your Instagram hashtags to your first comment right within Tailwind.

First of all, here’s how it works:

💮 Go to your Instagram Tailwind account (make sure that it’s connected to your Facebook and the phone Tailwind app for all special posting features) and upload your image into the Publisher, write your caption and then type the # symbol to get predictive hashtag suggestions.

💮 Click to choose or add frequently used hashtags from your list (or create lists as you go).

💮 Check the box to move those comments from your caption to your 1st comment.

💮Click “Add To Queue” to automatically schedule your post for the best time or post at a custom time.

This feature allows you to:

💮 Add hashtags in your first comment with the click of a button

💮 Hide hashtags in your caption 

💮 Separate hashtags if you’d like to keep a few in your caption and add the rest to your first comment

I tried this out to show you guys how it went. I ended up using this opportunity to announce my newest Etsy shop additions, digital downloads! You can check out my post here.

My favorite thing about this tool is that it gives you hashtag suggestions based on your descriptions, which change as you write, and if you hover over them Tailwind will tell you how many posts are out there using that hashtag and whether it’s niche, good, best, or competitive:

You can add up to 30 hashtags, and save your hashtags in lists so you can easily use them for future posts!

You can also choose a location or tag other accounts in your scheduled post, as well as check the box to “Post hashtags in the first comment” to declutter things a bit!

I then chose a Pinterest board to post to as well, and scheduled my auto-post Instagram post for the next best suggested time slot by clicking “Add to Queue.”

Of course, with any of these tools you have to keep in mind that posting often and at the right times, using good hashtags, and interacting in Instagram comments and your story are going to be key to increasing your traffic, followers, and sales. Can’t wait to get started on scheduling my next week or two of Instagram posts!

You can learn more about Tailwind’s newest Instagram posting features in theirlaunch blog post.

*If you’re new to Tailwind, you’ll get a free month of Tailwind Plus!