DIY Weaving – 10 Beautiful Weaving Kits for Beginners!

It’s no secret that weaving, macrame, and fiber art have taken off in popularity in recent years. For those interested in getting started with weaving, here are 10 beautiful weaving kits for beginners!

Weaving Kit from Sunday Weaves

This beginner’s tapestry weaving kit from Sunday Weaves comes with a special Learn to Weave instruction booklet, a handmade, Tasmanian ash sustainable loom (40cm x 30cm), sustainable recycled wool, and all of the tools necessary to make your first wall tapestry!

Weaving Kit from Mego Workshop

This weaving loom kit for beginners from Mego Workshop includes PDF instructions and vegan friendly yarn in stunning earthy colors. Weaving area on the loom is 30x30cm.

Weaving Kit in Summer Colors from Wild Woven

This weaving kit for beginners from Wild Woven come in beautiful boho summer colors. The kit comes with an instruction booklet, a rustic weaving loom, hand spun fair trade yarns, a hand carved weaving needle, and a hessian scrap and driftwood to add some found elements to your piece!

Coaster Weaving Kit from Fiber Huis

This coaster weaving kit from Fiber Huis comes with four different coaster weaving projects that each teach a different weaving lesson. At the end you’ll have some fun DIY gifts to give away or keep for your coffee table!

Cream Weaving Kit from Sky Carter Colour

Looking for a kit that comes with some neutral colored yarn? This cream and camel weaving kit from Sky Carter Colour comes with all the supplies you’ll need to craft your neutral wall hanging! The kit also comes with an instruction booklet and Youtube tutorial!

Weaving Kit from Handiwork Your Love

This beginner’s weaving kit from Handiwork Your Love can be ordered in four different colors (walnut, red wood, black, and natural), and is small enough to be easily portable for trips!

Circular Weaving Kit from Wool Couture Company

This circular weaving kit from Wool Couture Company can be purchased at three different levels – basic kit, starter kit, or quintessential kit. Wool Couture Company also provides quality how to videos on weaving that you’ll love!

Weaving Kit from The Creativity Patch

This beautiful weaving kit from The Creativity Patch comes with ocean colored yarns, which include some fluffy vintage mohair yarns along with the traditional wool.

Macrame Weaving Kit from Home Vibes Macrame

This beautiful macrame DIY kit from Home Vibes Macrame comes with easy to follow instructions, a Tasmanian oak dowel, and cotton rope in the color of your choice!

Large Weaving Kit from Sheweave Craft

Looking for something a big bigger? This large weaving kit from Sheweave Craft comes with a 54cm X 60cm beechwood loom, and is height adjustable! All of the weaving tools come with this kit except for the yarn – you’ll have to purchase the yarn separately.


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