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Best Hosting Platforms for Artist Websites (And Why You Need One)

Many artists struggle to get their art out to their desired audience – finding a publishing platform, whether it be WordPress or another, is the first step, but many people question which hosting site they should run with. Because WordPress is free, open source software, and 20% of all websites are run on WordPress, this makes it the ideal publishing platform, but in order to have your own storefront and domain address you’ll need a hosting platform to host that site.

Whether you choose WordPress or another publishing platform, here are some recommended web hosting sites for artists:

WP Engine

 My favorite thing about WP Engine is that they’ve built their platform on over 30 open source technologies, and they’re one of the best hosting sites to integrate and optimize Google. Their team is on call 24/7, so whenever you’re working on your blog or website, they’re available to help you with anything you need. Also, if you want your site to be able to handle high traffic, WP Engine’s hosting is close to seamless when it comes to making sure your site loads quickly. Some bigger sites that they host include National Geographic and PBS!

Their dashboard is super easy to use and very straightforward – you can learn more here about what to expect as a user.

WP Engine is awesome, and they’re offering my readers 20% off  the Personal Plan, Business Plan, or the Professional Plan!

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WP Engine offers a generous 60 day money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with their service, you can cancel your account within the first 60 days and receive a full refund. This should give you plenty of time to figure out if they’re the right fit!  You can read testimonials here.


Weebly is amazing because they both host your site and feature a website builder that has beautiful  themes, especially for online shops.


Their prices are also relatively cheap in comparison to other hosting sites:


If you’re looking for a great hosting site that also has amazing WordPress themes, StudioPress is impressive. One of the features they boast is HTML5 designs that are optimized for smart phones, and in a 2017 independent test, StudioPress sites beat all major WordPress hosting options on page load speeds. This is impressive and would be helpful for the artist hosting very high res images on their site.

Another really great pro about StudioPress is unlike most hosting sites, you can choose to be billed monthly instead of paying for an entire year at once.

You might be wondering at this point – why should I even start an art blog or website, especially one on a paid-for hosting site?  Here are some top tips for why you should start one:

  • So that you can brand yourself as an artist.

  • Break the barrier between yourself and the masses, who could be prospective clients or fans.

  • Have control over the design of the space your art lives in online.

  • Your website name should be all about you and your art, and not have another brand’s .com tacked onto it.

  • You’ll be able to measure the volume of traffic coming to your site and seeing your art.

  • Increase your art sales.

  • Have a place to share your creative process.

  • Make connections to others in the broader arts community.

  • You can place your bio, CV, and artist statement on a website so that anyone can access it.

  • So that your work can come up in Google search results.

  • Showcase photos from exhibitions you’ve been in.

  • Showcase press reviews or blog features.

  • Send a newsletter to your subscribers so they can follow along with your progress and milestones.

Great examples of artists’ websites:

Caz Novak’s Website

Linda Frimer’s Website

Val Nelson’s Website 

Zlatka Paneva’s Website

Jordan Schwartz’s Website

Tammy & Kenzie Allman’s Website

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Great places to find site themes:


Template Monster
Moto CMS Templates

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