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Interview with Meghan Pauley Nespeca

It’s our pleasure to introduce artist Meghan Pauley Nespeca on The Art Spectrum! You can follow Meghan on Instagram and check out her beautiful new website here.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your journey with art? How did you get into textile art?

I’m Meghan, textile artist and mother, designer and maker of handmade original textile art to nourish home and heart. My hands have always found a home in making.

Even from a young age I was constantly experimenting with different materials but it wasn’t until one of my trips through India that I knew I wanted to be a textile artist. I would get lost in the Indian markets, full of colorful cottons and silks for hours on end. And with needle and thread (back in whatever place I called my home on that day), I would start sewing and creating.

Photo by Tara Ashton

When I returned to the States I set up my first small studio in a sunshine filled apartment I was living in at the time in Asheville, NC and began making art quilts. I now work out of my home studio in Tryon, NC creating original textile art pieces using hand painted fabrics and paper, re-purposed fabrics, botanical dyeing, pen and ink illustrations and personal verses I have written.

Where do you draw your inspiration from, and how do you decide on the composition of a piece?

My inspiration for my art is multifaceted. While my work is deeply influenced by my childhood spent in New England and my past travels around the world, I find that most of my present day inspiration comes from the simple sweetness of life that is all around me: a walk outside in the sunshine, deep love, a trip to the ocean, my journey through motherhood. Many of my pieces incorporate verse in them (which is written by me). In these cases, the verses directly influence the piece, but in my other work, inspiration comes from experimentation and what I’m feeling during that time.

What does your artistic process look like, and what are some of your favorite materials to use?

My process is extremely free and unstructured. As a self taught artist, I have learned experientially, and to me, that feels so exciting. Most all of my fabrics that I work with are re-purposed, aside from the occasional natural muslin that I purchase for my hand painting. I paint my fabrics using watercolor, as I love the softness it brings to my pieces and I prefer to work with natural fibers like linens and cottons. I also incorporate re-purposed paper into my work and drawn and painted illustrations.

I love dyeing my fabrics naturally. Teas, spices, and foods lend such beautiful earthy colors to my fabrics, and I love that they are healthy alternatives to chemical dyes.

Do you have any big projects or goals that you’d like to work on in 2020?

I have so many new ideas for collections for this New Year! Working with canvas is something that’s been on my mind and I’m excited to get in the studio and start experimenting. I’ve also been writing new poetry for my pieces! Also, my new website is finally here! You can find my collections, new work, and contact information at and follow along with my art adventures on Instagram @meganpauleynespeca.

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